The Connection Between The Moon + Your Cycle

Have you ever wondered if there’s a connection between the moon and your menstrual cycle?

Some would say there’s a strong connection, while others believe the connection between lunar phases and the menstrual cycle is a myth that has been passed down through various cultures for centuries.

I spent some time reading and researching to find out if I could find any correlation, so let’s dive a bit deeper.

In one study I found, the period tracking app, Clue analyzed 7.5 million cycles, and found no connection between the moon phases and the menstrual cycle.

Another study done in 1986 suggests that there is in fact a synchronous connection between the lunar phases and the menstrual cycle.

While there’s not a lot of research around how the moon affects humans, there is scientific evidence that the lunar phases affect animal behavior.

Even without any scientific bases, I do believe if you look close enough and it resonates with you, you can find meaning in the connection between the phases of the moon and your menstrual cycle. In fact, it may help you create a connection with the earth.

Here’s a few areas we can find connection between our cycles and the moon:

  • It takes the moon 28 days to circle the earth, and the menstrual cycle is 28 days on average.
  • It is believed that in ancient times, women menstruated under a new moon and ovulated under a full moon, and if you were the opposite, you were considered a healer that took care of the women why they were menstruating.
  • Our bodies go through a series of changes throughout the month, just as the moon goes through an entire cycle from darkness to light.
  • The words ‘menstruation’ and ‘menses’ are derived from the Latin mensis (month), which also relates to the Greek word, mene (moon). 
  • Some believe that before we had electricity, the full moon’s light would impact our hormones and trigger ovulation. In fact, there are studies that show light exposure first thing in the morning can help promote ovulation.

How beautiful that Mother Nature can act as a guide to birthing, living, creating, and resting. She sets a great example of how we can live in sync with our cycles and feel in tune with our inner magic if you so choose to perceive it that way.

Does the connection between the moon and your cycle resonate with you? If so, how does it help you connect to the earth and your cycle? Tell me below. Xo

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