How To Wake Up With More Energy In The Morning

Do you wake up in the morning feeling groggy? Even after you slept for 8 hours?⁣

I feel for you! This used to happen to me ALL the time, and I was so frustrated because I thought I was doing everything right. So, if this is you, let’s talk about this!⁣

First, I want to say that if you’re experiencing brain fog, difficulty sleeping, the ‘tired but wired’ feeling, or fatigue in the morning even after a full night’s sleep, it’s likely you’re also having period problems .

Why? Because our bodies are inter-connected… everything works together. ⁣

Without getting labs taken, it’s difficult to know what might be going on with your hormones and why you’re fatigued. There could be several things going on, from toxin overload, nutrient imbalance or deficiency, gut health issues, hormone imbalance, cortisol dysregulation, and so on. This is why I always recommend my clients see a functional medicine provider or naturopath to get their labs done.

That being said, I work with my clients to address these issues with nutrition and lifestyle shifts. Here are three tips I recommend implementing immediately if you’re struggling to wake up feeling energized:⁣

1. Get on a consistent schedule that mimics your body’s natural internal clock – Aka, try to go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning.⁣

2. Give your gut extra love and nourishment– Reduce your sugar intake as much as you can + increase the amount of fresh fruit and veg you eat. Bone broth is also an amazing gut healer! ⁣

3. Self care like no one has ever seen before! Shut down electronic devices by 8pm and take the evenings to wind down. If you can, take a personal day and do something you haven’t done in ages that gives you your life force.⁣

I cover all of this in my Intuitive Period Healing program because this is something I see in my clients a lot and something I struggled with for so so long. ⁣

I want to hear from you!

Do you struggle to sleep or wake up feeling energized? What tip are you going to try first? Xo

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