Hi! I'm Jacy

I’m a women’s health coach devoted to helping women heal painful and life-disruptive periods.

My specialty is helping women resolve their period problems, reduce inflammation, balance their hormones, reduce pelvic pain and naturally manage Endometriosis.

I completed a one-year training with Chris Kresser through the ADAPT Health Coach Program and an additional 5-month training with Nicole Jardim (Certified Women’s Hormonal Health Coach) in her Fix Your Period Apprenticeship. I’m currently pursuing board certification through the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC).

My mission is to empower women to connect deeply with their own internal rythym and inner wisdom so they can be their best health advocate and live the life they dream about.

My journey with wellness began when I was 13 years old and got my period for the first time. It wasn’t uncommon for me to go home from school on a monthly basis because the pain during my menstrual cycles was so unbearable.

Little did I know, this was only the beginning of a very long and painful journey. After several years of chronic pain, irregular periods, imbalanced hormones, lots of pain meds, a trip to the emergency room and visiting far too many physicians who used the birth control pill as a solution, I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 23.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just endometriosis I was dealing with, it was several other symptoms that began popping up that I kept trying to ignore.

Since my diagnosis, I‘ve gone through multiple treatments and have let my curiosity and thirst for knowledge guide me in my holistic healing journey. I started dabbling in everything I possibly could with the hopes that it might potentially heal me.

I tried yoga, green smoothies, various supplements, switching my beauty products from chemicals to natural ingredients, essential oils… you name it, I’ve tried it. Despite my very solid attempt to heal myself, nothing seemed to be working.

The scary thing is, I know that my story is not uncommon. Dealing with hormonal imbalances and a chronic illness can feel very isolating and hopeless, especially while you’re trying to navigate life as a young woman.

There are so many societal expectations for young women: dating and finding the right partner, discovering a career you actually love with a stable income and retirement savings plan, being the best friend, daughter and family member, striking the right balance between living it up and enjoying the present moment while getting serious about your future at the same time, and simply finding and loving yourself.

Throw severe pelvic pain, relentless periods, mood swings and fatigue in there and your motivation feels nonexistent. I get it, because I’ve been there!

After several years of navigating my own health journey, I’ve come to believe that we all have the ability to positively impact our health and live the quality of life we deserve. I also believe the only way to live a healthy and fulfilling life is to come from a place of love and understanding of our entire being – something that green smoothies and essential oils simply cannot compete with.

Through deepening my self-awareness and aligning my life with my mental, emotional and physical needs, I went from a place of having no motivation to feeling empowered to take control of my own health and happiness. I have minimized my pain and inflammation, stabilized my moods, strengthened my immune system, increased my energy, learned how to read my body’s signals and most importantly, learned to love and trust my entire being.

As we work together, I’ll help you gain awareness of your body’s individual signs, uncover the root cause of your symptoms, assist you in improving your self-knowledge, create and maintain new habits and help guide you in becoming truly aligned with your mind, body and spirit.

I’m a born-and-raised Texas girl with lots of passion and a huge heart. I’m a professional over thinker and can be found contemplating the meaning of life in coffee shops around the globe. I’m an outdoor enthusiast with intense wanderlust. I’m known for following my heart and intuition. I’m a lover of learning and sharing my findings with others. On bad days, you can find me strolling through the closest health food store looking for sunshine in the aisles. On good days, you can find me outside soaking up the sun with a matcha latte in hand.

I passionately believe you have the power to positively impact your health and I’m here to help you.

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