Holistic Health Coach

Your Guide To Living Intuitively With Your Menstrual Cycle

Is your period disrupting your life?

  • Have you been recently diagnosed with endometriosis and you're feeling completely overwhelmed?
  • Is your period pain making it impossible to live your dream life?
  • Are your mood swings affecting your relationships?
  • Are you feeling at war with your body?
  • Do you feel exhausted, unaccomplished and foggy?
  • Is your period unpredictable or irregular?
  • Do you feel alone in your period problems as if no one truly understands what you’re going through?

If you’re experiencing any of these, please know you’re not alone. I’ve been there, and I can support you in uncovering the root cause of your symptoms so you can ease your symptoms and live the life you dream about.

Jacy Mercer

Hi! I’m Jacy

I’m a women’s health coach on a mission to help women naturally take charge of their period and hormone health so they can live a truly happy and healthy life. 

I work with women who want to:

  • Feel heard, understood and supported
  • Take the reigns of their health
  • Uncover the root cause of their symptoms
  • Become more in tune with their body
  • Deepen their self-awareness
  • Make real, lasting lifestyle and behavior changes

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